Rules & Regulations


  • The students will not be allowed to board Buses, enter the College Premise or avail College facilities without a valid I-Card issued by the College. In Case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate shall be issued subject to a written request from the student on the payment of prescribed charge.


  • All the Students should have min. 75% Attendance as per the University Regulation without which they may not be allowed to appear at the University Examinations.


    • The use of mobile phones in the campus is strictly prohibited. Defaulters will be heavily fined. Frequent violation will lead to its confiscation.
    • Early Departures from the Campus are not allowed without permission.
    • If there is any loss/damage done by the student to the College Infrastructure, Hostel, Library, Computer, or Equipments due to carelessness, the concerned candidate will have to pay penalty for the damages.


    • The Students shall be allowed in the campus in the prescribed Dress Code only.


    • Raging is strictly prohibited in the college campus and outside the campus. As per the Supreme Court and UGC Act 1956 on Ragging act. Any student found to involve in ragging shall be liable for the following disciplinary action:

      1. The college shall have the right to cancel the admission or to rusticate.
      2. FIR may be lodged against the culprit.
      3. There may be a lifetime ban on the admission of the student.
      4. An Affidavit to this effect shall be submitted by the Student.

Admission Rules

    • As per college education guidelines, College holds right to reject admission of student in following cases:

      • If fees are not deposited on or within the given date or time.
      • If any student has given any wrong information in the form or Incomplete Registration Form is submitted.
      • If candidate do not possess the required qualifications as per the University Rules.
      • If student is accused for any misconduct / misbehavior in past/punished for using unfair means in any past examination/accused for violence or misconduct or any case is pending in court.
      • If student uses foul language for any Faculty/ Staff member.
      1. The basis of admission shall be strictly on merit and cut-off shall be declared for admission.
      2. All admission will be provisional till the T.C. and Migration is submitted, and eligibility is approved by university & the college shall not be responsible in case the admission is rejected due to what so ever reasons by the concerned University.
      3. Admission to APGC is the right of College Management. APGC may refuse admission to any student if the number of candidates for that course/ subject is less/ not available or non-availability of seats.
      4. Payment of fees through cheque is not appreciated and once fees deposited in the college will not be refundable after seeking admission.

            All disputes are subject to Jaipur Jurisdiction only.